SaaS Strategy

An efficient SaaS Strategy can empower your team to work collaboratively, faster and will make your coworkers happier.
We can help your team work on this strategy and find out your current state, future needs, and work with you to find out what you can do to stay competitive. 

We offer project based, one-off services to respond to your needs, from video conferencing, chat communication, email, document management and SaaSOps, to customer relationship management or customer experience by working with our partners from Freshworks, Zendesk, and Copper.

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We provide Software as a Service Operations, which means we help you discover, manage, and secure your SaaS tools. 

As defined by BetterCloud:

SaaSOps: a practice referring to how software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications are discovered, managed, and secured through centralized and automated operations (Ops), resulting in reduced friction, improved collaboration, and better employee experience. 

Our SaaSOps offer

Discovery drawing

Discover all your tools, setups, and IT solutions through additional software, audit logging, login discovery, interviews...

Technology management drawing

Manage your tools through ready made automation tools (BetterCloud, GAT+...), low/no code or point and click automation tools (GAM, AppSheet, SheetGo, Zapier,, and custom app and automation development on cloud platform. 

Online security

Secure your tools by implementing and enabling the use of built in tools like data loss prevention or auditing reports and notifications, enabling reporting and monitoring of audit logs and anomalies in them (and actively monitoring them), implementing 2FA strategies and U2F hardware, implementing and enforcing Single Sign On via Oauth or SAML, implementing advanced identity providers (Okta/OneLogin/Duo).

Google Cloud Platform

We can help with your organisation's setup, which consists of billing, IAM and support. Then we can assist you with logging, monitoring and security, daily management and architecture design and infrastructure.
Our bespoke offering is split in different phases: assessing, planning, deploying and optimising.
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And Patronum comes for free

22d is a proud Patronum partner, offering our clients a top class Workspace management tool for free with any Google Workspace plan.

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